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I don't question Burden's scholarship, but I do take issue with his politics and the manner in which his facts were presented. Within a generation, nearly every part of Hispanic America was in an independent nation.

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Works Progress Administration LA. If you would be interested in receiving help in tracing your Hispanic lines back to a Hispanic soldier, please email him directly at clucas bart.

Engraving, undated, part of the picture collection, LSU Libraries. For that same reason, I believe that the intent to know precisely the historic contribution of Latin American People - and also of Spaniards, especially in this region of the United States - to the creation and articulation of this great country, is a noble purpose, and also an unavoidable effort, in order to clearly establish the identity of millions of Americans.

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Spain had good reason to fight the British on behalf of the Americans and on its own behalf. Coleman, James Julian, Jr. The foreword is by Jack D. From until the formal declaration of war against England on June 21,Spain sent covertly secretly aid of all kinds to the Americans.

This is designed for juveniles with both Spanish and English, juxtaposed, if I recall correctly and is from the Raintree Hispanic stories.

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Maxent family of Louisiana, daughters who married Spanish officers at the highest level, and sons who served in the Spanish Army. It is easy to overlook the ideas generated among the young Hispanic officers, born in the Americas, as they saw the successful struggle of the Americans for independence.

This cannot be attributed to benevolence but to self-interest, pure and simple. The time had come, and the example was before these young officers. Joseph MichiganSt.

To paraphrase the words of radio commentator Paul Harvey, ". All of the aid was gratefully accepted by the Americans, and little was repaid.

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The author is Dinos Constantinides, and the music is for soloists, mixed chorus and instrumental ensemble; poetry by Julien Poydras; translated by Leon Phillips, Unbeknownst to many people, he set up his brother, Joseph Bonaparte, as King of Spain from to during which time the Mexican Revolution started on September 16, I hope to have an opportunity very soon to meet with you and I wish this evening becomes a real success.

It was done during the Great Depression as a make-work enterprise for historians.