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A role-playing game inspired by the now defunct game Club Penguin now Club Penguin Island and ToonTown now ToonTown Rewrittenand is often thought to be a carbon copy of those two games due to various similarities, though others think the opposite.

You can't say "" or "frank" or usernames, names of places we make up and other things that shouldn't be "pounded. Originally, users were only allowed to change their names due to either privacy concerns such as the username being a player's full name or per request by the moderation team due to the name violating the ROBLOX Terms of Service.

This effectively traps players in a loophole where they have to drive for hours, scour the net for codes and, you guessed it, buy Robux to gain enough money simply to buy a well rounded supercar, which are fairly expensive.

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Roblox is also notable for false news and promises which are never fulfilled. It's also extremely awkward looking.

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For example, a Roblox-oriented YouTuber named Greenlegocats had his account which he used for trolling terminated for "exploiting", even though he has never really exploited. Now, often times during explosions with destructible scenery, the blocks often times bug out, and freeze midair.

Welcome To Bloxburg is one example. Roblox players, tell Roblox to make Robux free!

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Many clothes for your character are very much disgustingly, albeit unnecessarily, overpriced. InRoblox accounts can only have letters or numbers in their names, but some users like Qa have this.

There's no way to adjust the size. There's some innovative ones such as Miner's Haven by berezaa, but most of the time, they're click-bait games with content that's been stolen from other users.

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Just as the title implies, the objective of this infamous role-playing game is to start a family and adopt a child. The heads were changed. You need paid access to some games.

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The game is about other players making their own games on the website. While the game is actually pretty decent and is scripted well mostlymany of the players abuse the Tesla Roadster 2.

Most accounts are made for the purpose of taking the name before somebody else can; these accounts are often left inactive or rarely used. Tons of click-bait games. Adopt and Raise a Cute Kid: Roblox is now known for very strict censorship regarding their chat filter; not only does the filter restrict inappropriate words, but, depending on whether you are above or below thirteen, the filter also blocks some words that aren't even inappropriate, turning them into pounds.

The iOS and Android versions suffer from poor controls. There is way too many hackers and they ruin the game for everyone. The new logo. Even Minecraft runs better.


This feature was discontinued as of October 4, The top games are always the same without any change. The thumbstick and jump buttons are incredibly small and guess what?

Two role-playing games with the same concept; it is set in a small town high school, where you can make friends, go to class, drive cars or use skateboards, choose what type of person you want to be freshman, sophomore, principal and the like and partake in after-school activities.

Considering the fact said above, ROBLOX also cares very little about improving their game engine and what you can do without the use of scripts.

There is even a game called My Little Pony: This is not a joke! Also, sometimes while driving a car, wheels spaz out and the car becomes uncontrollable. These games usually a large town Dating food hindi things to do and interact with.

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The report system barely works. So many problems in Finobe a Roblox private server. Some of these games include: Back Then Around throughmany servers in games were hacked.

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Also, many of the games have similar titles.