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That worked for US. I keep bringing it up and I know it spoils the mood. He has crushed my self esteem and my spirit. I do forgive him and want to forgive him but these things take time and he is not willing to comfort me when I am reminded.

None of you really know how some of these other affairs may have came about aside from your own experiences. Updated a past column. I confronted once again and through much discussion and answering questions and he has volunteered information, we are both healing.

Confronting the affair partner is the essence of the pick me dance. He knows about what articles I write and I tell him stories of the latest and greatest news story of people who screw each other over and how hurtful it is.

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And then to top to it all off they play the victim card when we try to share our hurt and pain. That bravery seems to be in short supply when it comes to CS but yet so much is asked of the BS.

I cannot take any more. I do not want a divorce but i also do not want to stay if hes not willing to let this other woman go. We were fine for many years until this summer when I caught him texting another female friend who I know as well.

I told him that it is her. Is he involved in a emotional affair?? Reply Doug April 23, at One thing that you need to remember and know, over texts and pics through the Chicago matchmaking or day with another woman is not innocent.

My Process for Forgiving the Emotional Affair

At the time I was receiving anonymous texts warning me that my husband was having an affair to open my eyes. I have always told my kids to work hard, be honest and treat others respectfully whether you know them or not.

I think they both are nuts!!! I have watched for over 2 years the same thing happen in my life and even after I relocated across the country for a job transfer, the emotional affair stuck across the miles.

I was on the toilet because my mucus plug had fallen out and I immediately began feeling the pain of labor and delivery pains…and contractions while calling him for help; he heard me but chose to ignore me…. Granted he had ended both affairs and the text was more stupid than anything but it pointed to he was lying to me over and over for years directly to my face.

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I just do not get it and never will. He gets irritated at the smallest stuff, has told me i was a whore and that i tricked him into being eith me. I was covering my own ass for quite a while. He deleted her number as well as telling her to delete his.

Lots of life lessons in this drama and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole journey with the whole cast.

So here was my process for forgiving the emotional affair:

Best of luck to you! My wife is very open and honest. Worse, if you come at them all classy — appealing to their sense of shared humanity and common decency — they will delight in their superiority.

It was a Saturday in June in Dallas. I witnessed the progressio, I had many discussions with my husband about it and then one day I discovered they had organised a secret rendezvou.

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