Ice [1] - All skin and no shame Ice [1] - All skin and no shame

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And then Yunho finally finds his voice as his friends gaze expectantly at him, looking excited and hopeful. Crazy bastard who ODed last month and almost died it was all in the news even though his agency tried to hush it up and claim it was just a bad night.

And really, he does. Yunho, team captain is a right winger, Junsu the centre and Yoochun completing the left wing. We can probably make it on goal difference alone.

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Was there a photograph? Despite all the hardships they went through in trying to fit in with the Japanese music industry, for the first time after their debut, TVXQ ranked number one twice on the Japanese music charts.

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Five naked men, dripping wet, none bothering to grab towels are facing him. Now he has to figure out what to do with the ball of ice that is his heart… AN1: Chaptered if there's interest Genre: We were so far ahead of everyone that we could have lost every single game for the second half and tie in one match and we would have won the league title.

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A man fits your ridiculous criteria? We tried to get him to sub you out, but everyone played even worse without you so it was either with you, and lose marginally, or without you and lose spectacularly.

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He is the youngest team captain in the history of the best professional hockey team in South Korea, bringing his teammates to glory time and time again.

At first, because we couldn't speak Japanese, we questioned why we had to do this. The reason for their nicknames will be apparent on the ice, but off it, they are far more interested in chasing tail than anything else.

We are past the middle of the season, and if we win at least five matches, we can probably get the title because the other teams are all just tying or barely winning.

TVXQ's secret to sucess is that "they did not lose their own color".

He has to do whatever it takes. Originally one of the hwarang rejects, scouted by Park Young-shil to undermine the Hwarang. Not even from Junsu who is normally the most easygoing of the lot.

He is Han-sung's elder half-brother of the same father but different mothers, who is powerless due to his "half-breed" status and is always looked down by their grandfather. He huffs as he folds his arms across his chest, not even bothering to admire how his biceps are bunching as he normally does, although he will never admit that to anyone.

Admit it, you knew this was coming… AN2: You single handedly led us from the bottom of the table to the top within half the season. Renowned musician and inventor as well as master of the gayageumhe becomes the music and dance teacher of the hwarang.

He sucks at tying shoelaces, his teammates always need to help him lace his skates up, but when he is wearing normal shoes, he tries to do it himself, even though they unravel by the tenth step.

We lost every single match. His nickname started off as a joke from his teammates, Kangin starting it because the tall young man has an answer for everything.

Assigned as Sun-woo's trainee. Momentarily residing with the hwarang under the Queen Mother's orders. Fond of poetry or other artistic pursuits such as painting, drawing, writing or composing.

What other word is there anyway? Well, that and finding a love that will last. Junsu stated Radio eska speed dating ,"Although our music was close to J-pop, we also added some Korean feel. The youngest member, apart from him, always sides with him in any disagreement and for him to side with Kangin in this hurts just a tiny bit.

During the recording, TVXQ said that their success was not an easy one. But really, everyone has seen each other enough times that it has lost its novelty.

We were miles ahead of everyone and she ended the relationship mid season, and it was downhill from there.