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That's why he had two sets of tom-toms. After seeing Moon in the studio trying to overdub drums for The Kids Are Alright, he said, "After two or three hours, he got more and more sluggish, he could barely hold a drum stick.

The Who spent the afternoon visiting local radio stations with Nancy Lewis then the band's publicistand Moon posed for a photo outside the hotel in front of a "Happy Birthday Keith" sign put up by the hotel management.

After an investigation, Speed dating in western massachusetts coroner ruled Boland's death an accident and Moon received an absolute discharge after being charged with a number of offences.

According to Entwistle, "That toilet was just dust all over the walls by the time we checked out. The setting for "Tommy's Holiday Camp" from Tommy was credited to Moon; [48] the song was primarily written by Townshend and, although there is a misconception that Moon sings on it, the album version is Townshend's demo.

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Throughout much of and his setups consisted of Ludwig drums and Zildjian cymbals. They gave him a shower and an injection of cortisonesending him back onstage after a thirty-minute delay. I just want to play drums for the Who and that's it. The next evening Moon systematically destroyed everything in his hotel room, cut himself doing so and passed out.

At the end of the US tour in Miami that August, the drummer, delirious, was treated in Hollywood Memorial Hospital for eight days. When Haynes said that it would be prohibitively expensive, Moon replied: Dymond prescribed a bottle of pills, instructing him to take one pill when he felt a craving for alcohol but not more than three pills per day.

This later carried over to other aspects of his life, as he acted them out according to journalist and Who biographer Dave Marsh "as if his life were one long tour.

Smith remembers one occasion where he and Moon tore apart a pair of trousers, with an accomplice later looking for one-legged trousers. According to Lewis, Moon was drunk by the time the band went onstage at Atwood Stadium. Bill Curbishley remembered that "he wouldn't walk into any room and just listen.

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Although not an especially gifted vocalist, Moon was enthusiastic about singing and wanted to sing lead with the rest of the group. He was an attention seeker and he had to have it.

The management brought our suitcases down to the gig and said: Moon continued briefly and then stopped, shouting "Drum solos are boring!

Townshend disagreed, assuring him that "lightning wouldn't strike the same place twice". Cass Elliot had died there four years earlier, at the age of 32; [] [] Nilsson was concerned about letting the flat to Moon, believing it was cursed.

On That'll Be the Day it was social drinking. The band continued without him for several songs before Townshend asked, "Can anyone play the drums? Moon, along with Dating zildjian cymbals stamp Bakerhas been credited as one of the early pioneers of double bass drumming in rock.

We'd go home and he'd start a fight with me.

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Although the supergroup was never formed, Page remembered the phrase and later adapted it as the name of his new band. Sandom had generally been the peacemaker as Daltrey and Townshend feuded between themselves, but because of Moon's temperament the group now had four members frequently in conflict.

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Pub patrons had begun to attack his Bentley and Moon, drunk, began driving to escape them. During the Who's early days he began taking amphetamines[84] and in a New Musical Express interview said his favourite food was " French Blues.

However, stands and foot pedals were frequently replaced; the drummer "would go through them like a knife through butter. His music teacher wrote that Moon "has great ability, but must guard against a tendency to show off. The intensity of the explosion singed Townshend's hair and embedded a piece of cymbal in Moon's arm.

Like a train ride you couldn't stop. He remembers managers Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp saying, "We trust you with Keith but if you ever want any time off, for a holiday or some sort of rest, let us know and we'll pay for it.

This is the 'Oo. When asked by an audience member what would happen to the kit, he joked that "even the best drummers get hungry.

The chaos ended only when police arrived with guns drawn. He would join them at clubs, forming a particularly close friendship with Ringo Starr.