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Our green, Adventure time dating quiz occurring and sustainable material canes in bamboo and Malacca are proving quite popular not to mention our famous Irish and English Blackthorn variety canes.

Consider our vast selection of luxury cane materials: Given the beauty and functionality of these high-quality walking canes, it is no wonder that so many of our customers turn into cane collectors.

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Solid silver handles, resin, gold. With a vast selection of colors and flower designs, we know there is a pretty walking cane just waiting for you.

Here at Fashionable Canes, we take pride in providing the best selection of quality products with exceptional customer support. Because of their age some of the Walking sticks we get are to far gone to save and have to be fitted to a new shank.

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We have fancy canes of all types. Choose from a number of handle designs for your cane, each serving a purpose. The term is best known from the legends of Robin Hood.

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Mobility Aids The best walking canes in the world. Whether a 19th-century seat antique cane, which folds out to form a three-legged stool, or Tyrolean walking sticks that may have helped someone trek through the Swiss Alps, antique canes are much more than tools for practical support.

We have traveled far and wide around the world to find the best selection of superior luxury and designer canes available anywhere. Fully hallmarked London solid silver handle. As the seasons progress, not all walking canes will be available in the future. But between the midth century and the s, canes were popular, fashionable accessories carried by ladies and gentlemen.

Edwardian Walking Cane in goof condition, few small dents in the handle.

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Hurry and place your order today before supplies run out! Antique and collectable Walking Canes.

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Of course, we hope you never have to use your walking cane in that manner, but the world can be a dangerous place. We stand behind all of the canes found within the curated collection.

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It was later called a "short staff" as it became shorter. Made from wood, animal horn, bone, or porcelain, they may also be inlaid or topped with precious gemstones. Read more For many people, the mere mention of a cane or walking stick conjures images of crutches used by frail, elderly types to support and steady themselves.

It can be less lethal than a sword but is deadly against a knife or similar weapons. A reliable walking cane is an investment to your health and your safety.

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It was used the same as a walking stick but also as a weapon. You will also find whimsically delightful animal and figurine walking cane handles that are great conversation starters.

Some are light but shinai-weight and heavier are more common. The Shillelagh is associated with Ireland and Irish folklore. Looking for a very rare or collectable Walking Cane?