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Go talk to Clorica. First way and most complicated way, is to take the characters into your party that you want to trigger the event for. Then the two of you go to see Meg.

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This way kind of sucks, because you pretty much are time skipping. Bachelors Walkthrough guide by Benichi - http: Share Fishing is a mechanic in Rune Factory 4 that allows you to catch fish to sell, cookor give as gifts.

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He will mention that he is worried about Forte and so is Clorica. She will then prepare to leave. However, the marriage event will not be able to be triggered until the player is currently dating them, have gone on a minimum of three dates, have seen the sub-event, and have their LP at 10 or more.

What you can catch appears to be affected by the following factors: Just save that night and start the next day and check what event activates.

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She will decide to check it out and you can let her go or choose to go with he I said I'd go with her. The two of you will talk and Porco will ask if you are willing to love Meg even it there will be pain I said yes.

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AFter that scene Forte will step out for some fresh air. Vishnal will then come and explain what has been going on with Kiel.

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The AI event of the year for growth marketers. Make sure to brush and love them daily.

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Kiel and Vishnal seem to be hiding something from her. After your go inside the clinic and you'll get a scene with Vishnal where he apologizes and leaves. For those like Meg who have more sub-events than normal that need to be activated before seeing their marriage event, it might end up being way more difficult.

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Dating is a good way to get to know someone that could be a potential mate. To get the recipes for these rods you will need to buy and eat Farming Recipe Bread from Porcoline 's restaurant. When you get there a short scene happens. If you want an event with a specific character and they have a high enough friendship with you to stay with you at night, then invite them, sleep and see if they tell you Dating spots in rune factory 4 have to leave for something the next morning, meaning you've started an event with them.