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Lennox Afterthe numerals in the third and forth placeholder of the serial number indicate the year, and the fifth placeholder is a letter the represents the month. This equipment should not be repaired as a warranty claim or serviced on a standard call.

The following are brands of boilers commonly found in southeast Michigan. Bryant For Bryant boiler manufactured form to the present, the date code is embedded in the first four placeholders of the serial number.

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Janitrol A member of the Goodman family of furnaces. Tankless The label containing model and serial number information can be found on the front or on the right hand side of a tankless water heater depending on the model.

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Bryant boilers manufactured from toa 7-digit serial number was used. In the short term, the equipment may run; but over time, wiring harnesses and other components may have long-term issues and suffer degradation of safety functions, reliability, and performance.

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One method is the first two number in the serial number are year, the next two numbers are the month YYMM.