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Dating old horseshoes, shop by category

Please enable and try again. Unless he actually illegally dug the shoe on the battlefield, which fight took place over or so years ago, but instead found it in the area, then how do you know it wasn't lost off of a horse in the next plus years.

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There was a resurgence of interest in early American ironware, so where there is a demand, so follows a supply. Learn more about how our partners use this data, and select 'Manage options' to set your data sharing choices with our partners.

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Smiths before and after the Arts and Crafts Period would take the few extra seconds to straighten the piece and clean off those jagged edges. The amount of material rusted away can give you an indicator of how long it was rusting until the glass surface was revealed.

Depending on the amount of refinement needed in the resulting wrought iron bar, determined the number of times the process of drawing out, cutting, and forge welding was performed.

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Even if it was found on the actual battlefield, it could have been lost any time. This obviously was a choice by the maker, so some later date shoes continued with fewer holes.

The turned down ends at the end of the branches are called calkins. Get personalised ads from our trusted partners This doesn't mean more ads, it means personalised ones.

This indented line is where a tiny bit of flux and stuff was squeezed out of the joint when the hot liquids of a forge-weld were ejected. Unlike mules that have very straight sides on their feet, front and back, horses have different shaped feet front and back.

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In the mid 's, the toe clip was introduced the bump that your thumb goes on when pitching horseshoes. In that case the horse probably wasn't used until the foot grew out, then the shoe was pulled and a proper one used.

It depends on the age of the item. The problem with your dating is that probably 25 or 30 years ago I made horseshoes that weren't fullered.

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A horse's foot that is shaped exactly the same today as years ago. So there you go.

Antique Horseshoes

But the Arts and Crafts Period is somewhat special in that many of the items made during this time period can readily be identified as reproduction ironwork. Shoes made with narrow heels that didn't fit the hoof wall would cause the horse to come lame, so your theory of narrow heels on older shoes doesn't hold water, they didn't ride lame horses.

Over time that bit of flux and slag rusts off, falls away from time and wear leaving that indented line.

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I'm sorry, but trying to date a horse shoe by shape or the number of nail holes is like trying to date a knife by the shape of the blade, it's not really possible.

All of that said, the shoes in this post are Diamond brand, and were used in this country in the mid 's, I know, because I nailed a lot of'em. Even on high end items, these lines of various size down to barely noticeable will help date and determine the materials and process used in creating the item.

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While without a chemical analysis of the metal, a well made hand forged item is pretty much impossible to distinguish from an earlier hand forged item of similar metal and processing, the Arts and Crafts period often produced items where as much care was not taken when the item Katie couric online dating produced.

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Older branches 17th century into mid 's tended to be crafted with a more inward curve that produced a "keyhole" look to the shape of the shoe. A low quality wrought iron for nails and wagon wheels would be perhaps as little as 2 or 3 times through the wrought process.

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