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Interesting interments include sections for soldiers and orphans of the Civil War, a section for Confederate prisoners of war who died at Camp Randall, a section for other war veterans, and sections for some of Madison's earliest Jewish citizens.

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The mounds often, but not always, have burials associated with them, but their exact purpose is not entirely understood. The popularity of the rural cemeteries signaled the need for recreational space and gave impetus to the city parks movement.

On a rise just east of the Burrows Park parking lot is a straight-winged bird effigy mound with a wingspan of about feet.

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The beautiful views of the whole surrounding area were the reason for acquiring the land as a city cemetery, but it was also the same reason Dating madison wi the Native Americans used the site for their burials and effigy mounds many centuries before.

Most mounds were lost to 19th century agricultural practices and city development. Wisconsin has the highest concentration of effigy mounds in the United States and the Madison area has one of the highest concentration of effigy mounds remaining.

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Historic buildings within the cemetery boundaries include the chapel-like receiving vault of ca. The mound builders were farmers who also engaged in hunting and gathering.

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A "running fox" mound used to exist north of the bird. The bird effigy was restored in by removing tree stumps, repairing mutilations caused by vandals and resodding.

The cemetery office was built in for that purpose Free cougar dating vancouver also served as a shelter for people waiting for the streetcar at what was then the end of the line.

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Mounds tend to have been built in places with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. Designated May 19, It is one of the most intact examples of the rural cemetery movement of the 19th century, in which burials were set in a park like grounds that also served as a place for strolling, picnics and quiet recreation.

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The bird, in the religious beliefs of the mound builders, probably symbolized sky spirits; mounds described in the past as "lizards" may have represented water spirits, and bears and other animals may have represented people and other creatures that lived on the earth's surface.

The Forest Hill Cemetery Mound Group once consisted of seven mounds and now consists of two "panther" mounds probably actually water spiritsa linear mound and a flying bird.

They lived in small villages and migrated from one to another based on the seasonal availability of natural resources. The mounds are considered sacred by modern Native Americans and should be treated with respect.

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