About Jaumo Dating App: We connect people. For Fun. For Love. For Life. About Jaumo Dating App: We connect people. For Fun. For Love. For Life.

Dating ideas app, create the next killer "social dating" business

Jaumo is how we do it. It is designed with the KISS principle in mind and the all source code can be read and understood in minutes. However, a fancy restaurant is not a good place for a first date. The initial download would be free of charge.

Your app would let users create pictures of crazy burgers and send them to their friends.

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This app will help a user decide what sushi to order after they answer a few questions about their tastes and how adventurous they are. If you go to a place or tourist attraction and you mark you have been there, then this app would keep a record of who has been there.

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Party Face This app is perfect for people who forget names at parties. Connect these two groups on Instant Gifter. There is currently a shortage of organ donors and allowing new ways to register would surely assist.

There would be a range of games to choose from, some of which would be included and some which need to be downloaded. With GPS technology, it would detect the nearest taxi rank for whoever has subscribed to the service.

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Looking for a mature partner to pamper, mentor and take care of you - perhaps financially? However, it would incur a small fee for an additional character. With a quick photo, your app will suggest to a user whether an item is Tokyo matchmaking service, and the closest recycling locations.

If they accept your first date gift, a prospective relationship may be created. This would generate money by charging a fee for the app to be downloaded, and then charging for new services to be downloaded.

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You would simply enter your budget and the distance you want to travel, and the app would bring up a list of local tourist attractions for you and your family or friends to enjoy. This app is perfect for someone who is too drunk to remember where they live.

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Looking to support and pamper women who will treat you like a King? This would prevent the need to queue within shoe stores. As social creatures, each of us craves connection.

They could then offer the service free to their members as a part of the subscription package.

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Not sure if that heavy plastic box is recyclable? You could make money from this app by charging per debit card transaction or a percentage of the order total to the purchasing shop.

For color blind people, your app would be invaluable.

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You would make money with this app by charging a small fee to download.