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The location of an entertainer was tracked in the paper's Routes Ahead column, then Billboard would receive mail on the star's behalf and publish a notice in its "Letter-Box" column that it has mail for them.

It had eight charts bycovering different genres and formats, [9] and 28 charts by The website includes the Billboard Charts, news separated by music genre, videos, and a separate website.


It purchased Broadcast Data Systemswhich is a high-tech firm for tracking music airtime. Since then, the Billboardwhich tracks the top-selling albums, has become more popular as an indicator of commercial success. Hitmaker interviews, gossip and trends in the music industry Style: Funspot magazine was created in to cover amusement parks and Amusement Business was created in to cover outdoor entertainment.

According to his grandson, Donaldson also established a policy against identifying performers by their race.


For example, it polled readers on a lawsuit pop-star Kesha filed against her producer alleging sexual abuse. Fashion and accessories Features: The print magazine's regular sections include: In-depth interviews, profiles and photography Reviews: In JanuaryBillboard was renamed to Billboard Music Week [5] [8] to emphasize its new exclusive interest in music.

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It started covering more celebrity, fashion, and gossip. This was followed by a chart for jukebox records in called Music BoxMachine charts. More information about current and historical Billboard Charts Listicles[ edit ] Billboard is known for publishing several annual listicles on its website, which recognizes the most influential executives, artists and companies in the music industry, such as the following: The first issues were just eight pages long.

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Strategic Perspectives on Entertainment and Media, the column identified discrimination against black performers and helped validate their careers. White wrote a weekly column promoting music with "artistic merit", while criticizing music with violent or misogynistic themes. Reviews of new albums and songs Backstage pass: Most of the articles are written by staff writers, while some are written by industry experts.

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It had a "stage gossip" column covering the private lives of entertainers, a "tent show" section covering traveling shows and a sub-section called "Freaks to order". A chart of the top most popular songs that week Topline: It also compiles lists, hosts a fashion website called Pret-a-Reporter, and publishes eight different newsletters.

It became one of Billboard's largest sources of profit [10] and celebrity connections. It also acquired Dating billboard Weekly that year. It covered "marvels of modern technology" like the phonographrecord players and wireless radios. Init created a division called Billboard Music Group for music-related publications.

News from the week The Beat: She led the first major redesign of Billboard since the s. A note from Min to the editorial staff indicated that Senior Vice President of Digital Content Mike Bruno would serve as the head of editorial moving forward.