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Shame on the Daily Mail. In MailOnline was the second most visited English-language newspaper website worldwide. The long-running Teddy Tail cartoon strip, was first published on 5 April and was the first cartoon strip in a British newspaper.

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Among its editors were Percy L. For full list see Daily Mail aviation prizes.

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The Mail later removed the description. This sexism must be consigned to history.

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The planned issue wascopies but the print run on the first day wasand additional printing facilities had to be acquired to sustain a circulation which rose toin The Mail accused the British government of dragging Britain into an unnecessary confrontation with Russia and of hypocrisy regarding its protests over Russian recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia 's independence, citing the British government's own recognition of Kosovo 's independence from Russia's ally Serbia.

Now more than ever is the time to stand together in defiance of the perpetrators of violence with all of their victims and reject this disturbing lack of compassion".

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He had been editor of the Daily Sketch from towhen it closed. Mail on Sunday Financial Mail on Sunday: Perhaps she's appealing to the kind of man who likes a woman to be good in the kitchen With only this sheep for company, a lovelorn young man is looking for love with a less woolly companion There's a name for that kind of thing!

In Aprilthe Weekend had a major revamp.


The Mail on Sunday is read by over six million a week. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. By the editorial side of the paper was fully engaged in promoting the benefits of modern appliances and technology to free its female readers from the drudgery of housework.

The circulation was poor though, falling to belowand the operation was rebased to Manchester in December In Octoberthe Daily Mail printed an article citing the research, titled "Just ONE cannabis joint can bring on schizophrenia as well as damaging memory.

This detail was then immortalised by John Lennon in The Beatles song " A Day in the Life ", along with an account of the death of year-old socialite Tara Browne in a car crash on 18 Decemberwhich also appeared in the same issue.

He also suggested that the paper preferred to delete stories from its website rather than publish corrections or admit mistakes. Their opponent was the Conservative Party politician and leader Stanley Baldwin.