Top chef reveals his recipe for making McDonalds-style French fries at home | Daily Mail Online Top chef reveals his recipe for making McDonalds-style French fries at home | Daily Mail Online

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Top chef reveals his recipe for making McDonalds-style French fries at home

The pairing of sumptuous shots of food preparation with Latin beats is hard to resist for most audiences, and the food shots in Chef are so luscious and evocative that you can almost smell what's cooking.

Bloody Mary mix, vodka and fags! The change has brought millions more viewers and made MasterChef one of the most popular programmes on TV.

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Robert Downey Jr steals the scene as Casper's ex-wife's other ex-husband who is rich, generous, and always looks like he's on the verge of doing something really crazy; Sofia Vegara plays Casper's sweet, sexy, well- meaning ex-wife, who he is still great friends with; John Leguizamo, always an interesting actor to watch, has fantastic chemistry with Favreau and the young actor who plays his son, and some of the more meandering scenes in the film are made interesting by his infectious energy; and Dustin Hoffman adds an element of compassion to a role that could have easily been reduced to a caricature.

They eventually decided to adopt and welcomed Billie into their lives when she was 15 months old.

Friday, November 04, 2005

But something kicked in. But in recent weeks they have become close and are spending more and more time together. While this can have the potential to be boring, it bodes well for the film: With his reputation in shreds, he decides to get back in touch with his roots by opening a food truck and taking it — along with line cook and son - on the road, rediscovering his passion along the way.

Special mention must be made of Emjay Anthony, who plays Favreau's son Percy with the perfect blend of maturity and innocence, and is really the emotional centre of the film. She struck up a friendship with John as the pair began a string of work projects together. John also lost his mother as a child and was inspired to cook by his grandmother, who brought him up.

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If Chef were a meal, it would be comfort food. When comfort food is done right, boy oh boy does it hit the spot. Lisa said earlier this year that her MasterChef triumph changed her life.

Chef dating uk stars featuring in the film stay firmly within their safe zone, and I couldn't help but remember what Hoffman tells Favreau early in the movie: The pair have since split and unlikely romeo Gregg went on to date aspiring year-old glamour model Cara Franco, though their fling has also fizzled out.

Speaking last month John laughed off the suggestion that they were babe magnets.

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Lisa with MasterChef trophy Image: I still act and I love it but now I have totally fallen in love with cooking.