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This is the first time the Charmed Ones meet a ghost. Used by Phoebe to read people's fortunes at the hotel. When Phoebe raises her hand the writing is not there.

This is the first episode in which a character celebrates his birthday. This, along with Javna disintegrating to dust, further suggests that Javna was vanquished, and like many other demons that followed, it takes the Power of Three to do so.

Piper's license plate number is 3BY8. This is the first episode where a spell is not cast. Although we see Phoebe's vision of Mr.

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Correy being hit by a Cadillac in black and white, she probably saw it in color as she knows that it was a pink Cadillac. This is the first time the Charmed Ones witness a mortal being killed. This episode scored 6. When Mark gets into Piper's vehicle at the police station, you can clearly see the vehicle move, despite the fact that Mark is a ghost and therefore his weight wouldn't affect the vehicle.

Chao is show to be wearing black and gray which are customarily worn by more distant relatives.

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Used by Yama to track spirits. When Phoebe writes the Chinese characters from her vision onto her left hand, and the first time you see her hand, the writing is there. Since Prue and Andy grew up together, she should have known she wasn't.

Chao Magical Notes Molecular Immobilization: This is also the only time that Piper is able to freeze a ghost or ghost-like entity. Phoebe has a premonition of Correy being run over by a car, and it's because of her pestering attempts to warn him that he winds up in the middle of the road.

John Cho portrays a Chinese character in this episode, but he is Korean in his real-life.

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In Chinese culture it is customary for close relatives to wear white. Glitches When Piper and Mark escape Yama the first time, Piper is seen slightly touching Mark as they began their run.

This is the first episode where the Power of Three is not used.

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However, this could have just been hopeful thinking on her part. When Piper says she's never seen anyone human being killed before, Phoebe mentions Jeremyand Prue mentions Javnaalthough it was previously said that the spell they used on Javna was once used to banish him back to the Underworld.

Chris was also supposed to celebrate his birthday in " Death Becomes Them ", Charmed dead man dating song, the celebration was cancelled due to demonic problems.

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The scene where Prue is in a towel coming out of the bathroom, the bathroom is shown to be where the closet will be in future episodes. She merely explains what she sees. Then you see her hand again and the writing has returned.

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They'll play the same roles again in an episode of House, entitled " Love Hurts " which is also the title of a Charmed episode. In " Secrets and Guys ", Prue revealed Phoebe told her about the surprise party.

This episode marks the first time that the main foe facing the sisters Tony Wong is entirely non-magical.

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As a Ghost, Mark Chao was intangible. The scene where Mark seeks out a psychic to help him, is the similar to storyline to the movie, Ghost, in which the main character seeks help from a psychic, in order to make contact with his girlfriend.

This may be due the fact that the series was just starting and the whole room arrangement of the manor had not been figured out yet. Correy is an example of a self-fulfilling prophecy.