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And it's Tanukichi who flees the room to escape Anna. My divorce happened because there had been a lack of respect. He snaps out of it several times with her in From the looks of it, it was probably a period stain; she also mutters something about whether had mom had "any", implying tampons or pads.

There is no rejection. Anderson's camper, pulls out a picture of the woman he was sent to "do" and then goes into the camper. A student gets caught masturbating by his tutor, which kicks off "The First Goodbye".

The very first scene of Stone Ocean has Jolyne complaining that a prison guard caught her in the act.

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As the song's title suggests, it's not Stacy he was picturing. Unfortunately, the real Linda opens the door on him. Boys will be boys, after all, and a boy of fourteen who does not relieve his physical need is an un-natural boy.

The same author mentions a scene where a group of female teachers are comparing notes concerning their respective schools. There's always a lot of bumping in the night, by all accounts, and lots of ectoplasm on their bedsheets the next morning!

Miss Alice Band is faced with this dilemma with her room-mate and turns over some possible reactions in her mind Ichigo returns from Soul Society only to walk in on Kon in his body with his hand down his pants, jerking off to an imagined threesome with Rukia and Orihime. The Alpha Bitch who bullies Mako is having sex with a guy presumably her boyfriend inside a hotel room within the fight area, and she asks Koyemshi to rescue the couple before any of them get a chance to get dressed so they end up naked first in the cockpit, where all the pilot children are.

Chuck in Good Luck Chuck find his best friend masturbating with a Grapefruit. I want someone to respect me. The situation implies either this trope, an aversion of No Periods, Periodor, what the heck, both. Parodied by Not Another Teen Movie: Rorschach, Rorschach kicks down the door on a crook while he is in a booth at an adult cinema.

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Unfortunately, Jeff's mom walks in at the worst possible time, leading to one of the funniest lines ever put on film. She and her brother Shuuichi sleep in Essay on criticism by pope analysis beds and at the end of chapter 39 when Shuuichi is woken up by creaking sounds and looks to see a panicked Maho out of bed asking if he'd heard.

The page image is the infamous pie scene, while Jim is also caught with the tube sock in the beginning. Great Teacher Onizuka is a year-old virgin living on the roof of the middle school where he teaches.

For when it is not a solo situation, see Interrupted Intimacy.

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Satou freaking snaps then and there. One hates to imagine young Chloe or Radclyffe scampering down the stairs of a Saturday morning, only to find you, double-bent on the sofa, pumping your fist! The anime differs by removing any such implication. Given that the fight had not even started, is pretty much given that Mako did it on purpose, to teach the Alpha Bitch a lesson about caring for other people: He then looks up, and finds he's not alone - a cruise ship is passing by with everyone on board watching and laughing at him.

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The opening sequence has Jim being caught masturbating by his son. This is essentially the entire premise of portalkink's "The Long Wait". In You, Me and Dupreehusband and wife, Carl and Molly, catch Carl's best friend, Dupree, masturbating in their living room to a porno movie.

My Wife is the Student Council President: