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Gabriel Koerneramateur 3D artist and huge Trek fan was interviewed for the documentary Trekkies in I've been waiting nearly twenty years to have my own lightsaber. The fact that Ewan's uncle, Denis Lawson, played Wedge Antillies in the classic trilogy surely added to the fanboy fire.

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Mace Windu, was a huge Star Wars fan before getting the part. He received another promotion after the Continuity Rebootbeing tapped for the Story Team now in charge of managing the new continuity. Then he used these massively inflated numbers for the basis for almost everything else.

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She had a word with the writers, resulting in Reg Barclay. At one point, the 5th Doctor takes a close look at the 10th and laments "Oh no.

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Voyager and played a comedic version of Kirk in The Ultimate Trek special. They're a whole Promoted Family.

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ILM visual effects supervisor Ben Snow remembers reading an article in a special effects magazine about Dennis Muren's work on The Empire Strikes Backand wanting to work with Muren—he got his wish when the prequels came around. Karl Urban was a hardcore Trekkie growing up.

Voyager Jason Alexander has credited William Shatner for him wanting to be an actor and watched the original series growing up.

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By the show's final season, he was head writer. Just about the entire of the cast and the director of Rogue Onereally. Expect another Doctor in about 20 to 30 years based on Tennant When Jamie was introduced, a young actor called Hamish Wilson was watching the episode, and thought: The race of the character Durge was known as the Gen'Dai.

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The st Legion, a group of Stormtooper and Bounty Hunter cosplayers who make publicity appearances for Star Wars-related events. Enterpriseas well as the new Battlestar Galactica created and produced by the above-mentioned Ron Moore.

He had written the Affectionate Parody play Doctor Which while at school.

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