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Carl Sack gets brought on board by Shirley to be this to the rest of the firm. You just need to know where to look.


Almost surprising considering the tone of the rest of the show. It's a trick that legendary civil libertarian lawyer Clarence Darrow used to employ. The producers listened keenly to fans reactions to certain characters and would routinely make full-time cast members out of Breakout Characters and write off perceived Creator's Pets and Scrappys.

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Are we losing all suspense? Sally Heep appearing in two season 3 episodesPaul Lewiston after season 3Brad Chase appearing once after season 3Denise Bauer appearing once in season 5.

She wants to be treated like a lady. A father once pulled a gun on Alan at work after Alan agreed to represent the guy's ex-wife in a custody battle. These seem to make up about half of Crane, Poole, and Schmidt's cases.

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Inverted in Alan Shore Dating trouble anna katmore more than happy, eager even, to bend or break legal ethics to uphold his own moral ones.

A lot of the time, especially any time they win when the client was a dick too many examples to specify and when they lose and the client wasn't a dick the season one ending, when they fought valiantly to get a guy off death row and lost.

I Won't Say I'm Guilty: Boston Legal provides examples of: Carl and Shirley get married And we do spoon well. Then look them up to see if they have drag shows or if they appear to be T-Girl friendly.

See Details Hookup Tonight! Alan in Season 5, after he finds out that an ex-girlfriend totally played him in order to keep her husband out of jail for first-degree murder.

The firm once defended a woman who married for money whose husband turned up dead. At the end of the show, they make it legal. This is played straight in another episode where Katie Lloyd asks the husband of the victim if he was the murderer. By the second season Alan was becoming a lot less amoral, more like wise-cracking, and Denny was becoming so incompetent that the other partners would never let him work on a case for anything other than appearances.

Mister Shore, our school has been sued several times. They include a renowned trial lawyer in the early stages of Alzheimer's affectionately referred to as Mad Cow Disease by him Boston hookup bars the rest of the firmseveral lawyers suffering from everything from extreme shyness to Asperger Syndromeand the lead, who is merely lecherous and corrupt although he, too, suffers from occasional mental issues.