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Bruce and Kim shine together at the time they were both oh so young.

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All in all, it's a funny, innocent film that will make you laugh. Sure the details give a chuckle or two, but there's an almost cerebral humor going on under the surface of the film, right at the core, which pokes fun at a cornerstone of life in the '80s.

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His character is given much depth, but he works with it. She embarrasses him at a business dinner, goes ga-ga at a club, gets his car lifted, and drives him to the point of insanity.

It's a nice little film that has its funny moments. Blake Edwards at his best! In this movie he takes the lead for the first time.

Blind Date (1987)

Next year there should be coming Die Hard 4. All I'll add is: The legendary director Blake Edwards directed Blind Date in This led to the movie's downfall in favor, since the very people at which the movie so heavily pokes fun were probably among the first ones to see it premiere in the '80s.

Kim Basinger and Bruce Willis were great as well. Though thoroughly implausible in many ways, I have to say that this movie made me laugh harder than any movie I've ever seen.

Blind Date

I was cracking up in every single scene he was in with his standard line I'll kill you. Blind Date is one of the most different comedies to emerge from this decade. There certainly is a cast to remember.

If you haven't seen it yet, go out and rent it now. So, if you're one of the lonely soldiers who likes the movie, try to view it in this context and see what you think of it. Both Bruce Willis and Kim Basinger are excellent and there was obvious comic chemistry between them.

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It offers some great comedic moments that bring a grin on your face. Why I don't know because it's really great!! Blind Date is not Citizen Kane, but it's sure a good film to watch on a day off.

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