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The magazine InterAction was discontinued in Development groups within Sierra such as PyroTechnix were shut down.

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The Hoyle franchise was sold to an independent developer. Sierra and Broderbund ended merger discussions in March This reorganization resulted in even more layoffs, eliminating additional jobs and a number of games in production.

Ken and Roberta accepted and started on the project. InSierra Entertainment's parent company Vivendi Games merged with video game publisher Activision to form the Activision Blizzard holding company. Although nearly one million copies were sold when the game was first released Dating advice for teenage guys Augustmaking it the best-selling Sierra adventure game created, the game received mixed reviews from industry critics.

So You Want to Be a Herowas released in The game was released under both engines, so those who had newer computers could use the new engine and its better rendering technology.

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InGabriel Knight: InSierra On-Line started to publish their own gaming magazine, where one could read about their upcoming games and interviews with the developers. After Vivendi Universal Games was renamed to Vivendi Games in Midall the games published by the company would all be branded under the Sierra Entertainment name.

Many of Sierra's most well known series began in the s. Murphy was involved in a Space Quest 7 project at the time.

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CUC Software would consolidate the manufacturing, distribution, and sales resources of all of its divisions that would come to include Sierra, Davidson, Blizzard, Knowledge Adventure, and Gryphon Software.

The company was now made up of five separate and largely autonomous development divisions: On November 5,Sierra was restructured into three units.

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Hellfirethe official expansion pack for the widely popular game Diablo. Brain series, Castle of Dr. With the news, Cendant announced its intention to sell off its computer entertainment division, and on November 20,announced the sale of its entire consumer software division to Paris -based Havas S.

In OctoberSierra released TimeShift. Cost-cutting measures were taken because of parent company Vivendi Universal Games ' VU Games' financial troubles and because of Sierra's lack of profitability as a working developer. The two companies jointly formed the Cendant Corporation with more than 40, employees and operations in over countries.

Roberta created a story featuring classic fairy-tale elements. Sierra was the market-share leader in PC games for the year. The series combined humor, puzzle elements, themes and characters borrowed from various legends, puns, and memorable characters, creating a 5-part series of the Sierra stable.

Assault on Dark Athena were sold to Atari, Inc. Other titles, such as Print Artistwere permanently discontinued. At this point, Roberta convinced Ken to help her develop the game in the evenings after work.

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Major layoffs On February 22,Sierra announced a major reorganization of the company, resulting in the shutdown of several of their development studios, cutbacks on others and the relocation of key projects, and employees from those studios, to Bellevue. The company sold the rights of Headgate Studios back to the original owner.

Walls proceeded to create Police Quest: Game designers Al Lowe and Scott Murphy were laid off.

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Generally considered to be a staple of the point-and-click adventure genre,[ citation needed ] the game and its sequels were critically acclaimed in the mainstream press at the time.

The year would prove to be an extremely successful year for the company.