I’m addicted to dating apps – but I don’t want a date - BBC Three I’m addicted to dating apps – but I don’t want a date - BBC Three

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Watch the surreal introduction here. The masterstroke was to cast Leonard Rossiter in the lead, increasingly exasperated by the superficiality of modern life and the idiocy of those around him an unforgettable array of comic turns led by Geoffrey Palmer and John Barron.

Top of the Pops BBC, BBC One, BBC Two, The quintessential music show, having showcased almost every major music star for five decades, occasionally in defiance of hosts who often seemed to think they were the main attraction.

A creature of its time, the series later revivals and special editions never hit quite the same comic heights, although Saunders insists a movie version is currently in the works. The server checks the client's certificate and only accepts connections for those issued to Apple.

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See the "Bomb Dogs" sketch below. As everyone got used to treating each other as disposable, I did too.

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However, a project was started to enable the iPlayer to work with other platforms via the Wine project. I would never treat my friends that way, but I didn't think of these potential dates in the same way - they were just faces who occasionally made my phone screen light up. State of Play BBC One, Should anyone still be arguing that American contemporary drama outpaced our own long ago, show them this and watch them recant.

Dr Jessamy says this could impact a user's mental health, as spending excessive amounts of time on apps could result in them being isolated from their real life.

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To this day, the BBC aims to follow the Reithian directive to "inform, educate and entertain". The global iPlayer app includes some features that are not in the UK version, including the ability to stream shows over 3G as well as Wi-Fiand a downloading feature to store programmes on one's mobile device for offline viewing.

Unlike the previous implementation, the application streams over the internet rather than utilising Virgin's video-on-demand service, to comply with the BBC's then proposed syndication policy.

The last programme presented a deeply pessimistic view of future global warming and before it was transmitted its producer, Dan Tapster, asked Prof Hulme to vet the script. A Nasa thermal satellite image showing the world's arctic surface temperature trends Prof Jones commented: BBC On the surface, it could hardly be more conventional: Available between and FM, LWvarious medium wave frequencies and on digital platforms.

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Most watched News videos. Jennifer Saunders caught the mood of the brand obsessed Nineties perfectly with the surreally comic characters of neurotic, outrageously egocentric PR guru Edina Moone and her drug-addled, professional hanger-on best mate Patsy Stone Joanna Lumley.

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This is one reason why Tyndall is sponsoring the Cambridge Media Environment Programme, to starve this type of reporting at source. James McAvoy, Bill Nighy and Polly Walker deliver thoughtful support in a wide-ranging series that addresses industrial corruption, the souring of the New Labour vision and the decline of the printed press.

The British Government licensed the BBC through its General Post Officewhich had original control of the airwaves because they had been interpreted under law as an extension of the Post Office services.


The BBC responded by saying that the iPlayer was driving demand for broadband subscriptions. There was also an unofficial but functional application for the Google Android platform called myPlayer but all BBC content was removed in November as the service was alleged to be in breach of the BBC terms of use.

Conservative MP David Davis said: Originally named BBC Radio 7. It's taken up a lot of my time - and I'm not even doing it to get a date.

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Ams dating sample size Harrabin did not derive personal financial benefit, although Prof Smith was paid. At launch the BBC iPlayer app contained options to resume watching recent programmes, access favourites, browse the most popular shows, find similar programmes or more episodes, included integrated search and was the only service to feature HD video.