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She was furious and demanded the truth from Steve. This included trying to win Steve back. Ray registered the birth so he could name their daughter Tracy and use Deirdre's choice, Lynette, as a middle name. Home for Christmas was released on September 26, Ken and Deirdre were thrilled to have her back but her past actions had left her with very few friends in the Street.

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Peter is charged with Tina's murder and remanded in custody. The Croppers fled with Patience but Tracy was determined and battered on their door, demanding her daughter.

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Following the explosion, a tram derails and crashes into the street. As Steve was preparing for his second wedding to Karen, he warned Tracy to leave him alone.

Tracy also visited the Street in October for Ken's 60th birthday party. Caught between two warring parents, Tracy started to rebel by playing truant from school, going to the amusement arcade with Steve and Andy McDonald.

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Lucy dies from ovarian cancer and Peter is given custody of Simon now played Barlow girl no dating Alex Bain who is now five-years-old.

Tearaway teen Ken and Deirdre separated again in December - when Ken had an affair with Wendy Crozierhis secretary at the Weatherfield Recorder. They were at the recent Take That gigs at the Stadium of Light, picking up performance and costume tips for their shows.

Carla begins to lean on Peter emotionally for support and she later attempts to seduce him. She tormented Deirdre further by getting drunk and kissing Deirdre's boyfriend Doug Murraybut Deirdre believed Doug when he said he had done nothing but take her home.

It gets to a point where Tina tells Peter that it might be best if she stops looking after Simon because she feels so out of control around him.

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In SeptemberTracy returned with Amy to Weatherfield with news for Steve - she was pregnant again following their one-night stand. Their style includes three-part harmony mixed with rock guitars.

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Back in prison, Tracy was worried that the situation was out of her hands but was elated when her solicitor informed her that she had the final say. Later in the year, Tracy saw Steve and Karen were going through a bad patch and tried to drive a wedge between them by dropping her bombshell about the maintenance but Karen reacted coolly and decided to try for a baby of her own.

And Peter says he's forgiven Leanne for Nick, but in his heart, it still niggles him.