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The reason for typically putting "who, what, when, where, why, how, and how much" signs at the end of a sentence is because "WH"-type questions use a furrowed brow. ASL uses a variety of sentence types and does indeed make use of SVO sentence structure in addition to other structures.

Discretion should be used, especially with stomping or light flashing because not all ways are appropriate at all times and there are right ways to do it. On a separate topic: Snapping your fingers should NOT be used to attempt to get someone's attention in a signing environment.

For more information on this topic check out the grammar sections in the Lifeprint Library. My own research and observations lead me to believe that for short "WH"-type questions you can put the "WH"-sign at either the beginning or the end of the sentence.

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Deaf people raise or lower our eyebrows at the end of a sentence to indicate we are asking a question. The sign GO actually means, "go to. So, it is good to practice putting the "WH-" signs at the end of your sentences even though they are short so as to develop good habits.

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I understand that when you sign you do it in a kind of broken English, but is it ok to sign using proper English? I encourage you though to stick with putting "WH"-type signs at the end of your question even if your sentence is short because doing so will help you form good habits that will benefit you when you sign longer sentences.

When you want your Deaf mom's attention you would use one of several " attention getting techniques " depending on how close you are to her, whether she is looking at you, and whether other people are around. That sentence could get you in trouble with your local teacher.

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But ASL itself doesn't use "be verbs. For more information on this topic, see: To affirm that a thing or state exists in ASL you nod your head. I do have four terrific kids but as of this writing they are all still quite young.

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ASL is not "broken English. Don't let the gloss fool you, "gloss" is what Asl dating sign call it when you write one language in another language.

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You do not need to read the following information. Which I tend to refer to as the " HEY! Another variation on Story 2: One of the most common techniques to get attention is the WAVE- "get attention of" sign. You would not say that a "video recording" is a "broken English sentence. Waving your hand, tapping lightly on the shoulder, lightly slapping the table at which someone is sitting, and--in some circumstances-- stomping your foot on the ground using only as much force as neededor flashing the lights, are all common ways to get the attention Asl dating sign someone in the signing environment.

However, in making decisions about grammar sometimes it helps to understand why we do what we do.

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Effective use of space, location, movement, palm orientation, and facial expressions allow signers to simultaneously convey information that would often take much longer to convey in English "word by word.

Read that again if you need to.