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As the scene changes, both guns are heard being shot. He introduces Sally to Dylan and "Boner", but is later forced to shred Dylan after he tries to rape Sally after they possess bodies.

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The British born actor recently told E! Became an accomplice in the death of Aiden Mathis.

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Police chief and Jack's boss, who has a history with Victoria. The new series was just picked up as a pilot; she found out the news about The Resident being picked up 'two hours after we got engaged,' she told ET.

After taking revenge on the clergyman, Aidan became Bishop's right hand and aided him until the s when he no longer believes in Bishop's conviction to the vampire cause and decides to resist the urge to feed upon humans. Their relationship strained in the s when Henry, who Aidan promised a better life like the one Mother and Suren have, decided to take matters into his own hands and beds Suren.

He is engaged to Victoria before Conrad kills him by pushing him into the spinning blades of his chopper. When the detectives find him at the storage unit, Cecilia shows up and uses her abilities to convince the detectives that Josh is not responsible.

However, as news of Aidan's return circulates around Boston, Atlee arrives at the location Aidan is being held captive and rescues him.


But after watching Suren get staked when she cannot follow through, Aidan is sentenced to be buried alive. Just as Sally runs out of hope, Nora helps her speak to Janet, and once Janet learns the truth, Sally feels a weight lifted, and "Scott" disappears.

Having found a watch given to her by Conrad, David realizes Natalie and Conrad were lovers. When Bishop finds them, Aidan plans for the two of them to leave town so Bishop cannot harm her, but they fight as Celine does not want to leave her family. Publicity materials for season 2 indicated that the character was to be named Izumi, but this was apparently changed during production.

Later, Brynn approaches Nora who reveals she's known Will has come into town for some time, as her wolf was well aware of it, and Brynn convinces her to give into the wolf. Mother Deena Aziz is the main antagonist in season 2 and the queen of all vampires or at the very least, of those in North Americathe "She" who wished to see Aidan in the season 1 finale.

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Nolan, initially unaware of his connection to Victoria, develops an interest in Patrick and tracks down his ex-wife and pays her to tell him Patrick's dirty secrets, of which there seem to be none. Daniel's friend and college roommate from Harvard, who comes to the Hamptons to gain a position with Grayson Global alongside Daniel.

However, when Sally reveals that she helped Josh lure Ray to kill him, she goes out to the woods to stop them.

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She completed the outfit by accessorizing with a grey and blue scarf wrapped around her neck, a pair of black clubmaster sunglasses, and a large black leather purse draped over her shoulder.

Ray allows Sally and Aidan to confront Donna, as his only qualms are with Josh. Justin Hartley as Patrick Osbourne Season 3: Tyler turned out to be a violent psychopath, Padma was murdered by the Initiative, and Patrick was forced to flee after attempting murder. The Initiative kills Colleen through an induced heroin overdose inafter Aiden killed her kidnapper, Dmitri Vladof.

That night, Josh is driven out to the woods by Nora, who initially feels relieved that she is not a werewolf, but she begins to transform in the car. The next morning, Nora reveals that they only met because Josh wanted to be human, but her transformation has made her embrace her wolf self.

She is introduced as a very insecure ghost who does not trust herself to Kwayedza dating the past with her ex-fiance Danny, although she does not believe he did anything wrong.

However, when Boner appears to Sally asking where Stevie went, she becomes suspicious. During that time, when he falls into temptation after Zoe is knocked out, Josh convinces Aidan to take his blood instead.

When their mutual friend Stu appears as a ghost to Josh, Stu does his best to try to keep Josh and Julia apart until he realizes that they want to be back together, using the opportunity to possess Josh, which rekindles their relationship, something Josh did not want to do to avoid revealing his lycanthropy to her.

Patrick and Victoria open an art gallery together in the Hamptons, in an effort to bond and to secure Victoria's financial independence. Emily will be starring as Agent 13 in the upcoming Captain America: Josh tries to distance himself as much as possible from her, for fear of what might happen if she finds out what he is.

Josh, still transforming, leaves the scene only to return later to find that Julia has died. Sally is reunited with them when Josh discovers that Rena is in Suffolk County Hospital and is dying.

This leads Sally to meet Nick, a teaching assistant she had a crush on while she was in college who has also since died.

It is later revealed that Daniel was never in danger as Conrad became part of the Initiative after Helen bailed him from jail when he was framed by Emily for Gordon Murphy's murder.

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While he knew David was innocent, the Graysons bribed him off to back their story in his novel by portraying David as a "paranoid sociopath" who was guilty of his crimes, which caused a young Amanda Clarke to believe David was guilty of downing Flight Sally later tries to reconcile with Zoe, who has given up working with ghosts because of all of the bad memories, until a solar eclipse starts bringing back all of the shredded ghosts.