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Are bayani and bee dating, the cube's secrets

I wish he stayed, he has been my friend the longest. So I'm glad I can play on the cube with him while we talk.

Bee took three large breaks from YouTube — the first in the second half ofone ending in February and the other ending in July All he does is destroy to get what he wants. The worst part is, I know he just messed with the server to make me lag.

She currently promises not to take any more breaks. Bee has a brother who is 2 years older than her. Although she may be the Queen of the Cube with her partner, Straub. Only we are thousands of miles away in different countries on the opposite side of the world.

Her favourite colour is blue - despite her famous black and yellow stripes and green eyes Bee hit K on February 17, Bee hit k somewhere in Also this is my first real fanfic about beeyani with straub getting involved, this is why he left xD Well, anyhow, I hope you enjoy!

Bee has a dog named Rosie.

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My love a million miles away. He caused me to lag out so it was imposible to have any chance of playing. Nobody knows what he did but me. It is gonna have some serious stoof go down in it and I hope you read it!

I am the Australian one as well, we live closer, I have known her before we did YouTube anyways. The other half of my heart will never be completed.

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He makes me so happy when I am around him. Bee has a YouTube channel called Biancaugh and is for matured audience only.

Bee enjoy doing stuff with Mayo Bee's bestfriend and they are currently living together with Ryan too. She was able to post 1 episode Her ship name with StrauberryJam is Straubee.

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He is so sweet to me. Her channel varies through different videos involving Minecraft - The Cube, funny moments videos, but she does do other videos including Omegle, iPhone App games, the computer game Akinator, Mail Time with Straub and vlogs.

One day, I swear she will BEE mine. Will be 24 years old on 22 of September She was born on the 22 of September And all he did to me was take away. Bee treats her "honeys" like a real family. Bee hit K on December 16,only 5 months after reaching K.

So I guess this is goodbye cube! I am not choosing a side on who is right between Bayani and Straubs fight, or any other fight in this story, I have an opinion but I don't want hate, so for this, both sides are wrong, I just wanted to write a dramatic fanfiction about beeyani and this is how I am going to do it!

Inshe made a Draw My Life that revealed her name, relationship status and age. I know I belong with her, I have known her for three years now! This is why I know everything was rigged.

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Straub and Bee were fighting for leadership of the server Bee and Straub are still good friends, they even live in the same house. Why does everyone want her with him anyways? I want to have time to just play with Bayani. I know my thrift shop items didn't disapear by the latest snapshot, he stole it all to ruin my only shop.

The worst part about joining the Cube was Straub left. She said that she hasd played every Sims game.