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May I learn to hear what others are feeling as well as what they are saying. I once met such a heavenly minded pastor.

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Here are some tips for active listening: This is something a good spouse will learn to discern. So, the key question is, what can we do to prepare our hearts so we are in a position where we can hear what the Lord is seeking to communicate to us, i.

Practice listening to what your spouse is not saying. Just as listening attentively to your spouse or a friend communicates value and worth, paying close attention to the voice of Jesus is one way to affirm His importance in your life. I've read the article a half a dozen times by now-I just can't stop thinking about it, specifically I can't stop processing the introduction.

He is our teacher, our philosopher, our companion—our gentle, kind, and very best friend.

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As I spend time with Him each morning, reading His Word and responding in prayer, it reinforces my sense of His presence—that He is near. So how does God communicate, and how should we listen? How often do you feel frustrated about the way I act? Active listening means concentrating, searching, probing, questioning, thinking, interacting, responding and applying.

Are you trying to hear a word from the Lord right now, or are you grading the preacher?

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It takes a lot of hard listening to get all the way to the bottom. To these modern rationalists, the Holy Spirit's promptings seem to go against human nature and conventional thought patterns.

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Those cues usually indicate some level of stress. They would like His ministry to be quantified and described. You see, God's Spirit communicates to us through the Word. That's why those of us who are husbands need to realize how rude and insensitive we are when we show more interest in the newspaper than we do our own spouses.

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When we are driven to express our views or vent our feelings, we fail to hear what others are trying to say. Though Paul had other plans, he dropped what he was doing and went on a witnessing detour and he went to a place beside the river hoping to find some people praying and when he did, he shared the gospel.

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What's the next step in developing my character? We must learn to examine everything in the light of the Holy Scripture. At the end of a day I would wonder if my work had any meaning at all.

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Look for Him in your circumstances. I rest Dating wine bar in the thought Of rocks and trees, of skies and seas; His hand the wonders wrought.

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I should do this in a place where I have minimal distractions. Another way God speaks to us is through people.

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Scripture is full of accounts of people who took time to hear what God had to say to them. If you say because she listened with her ears until God spoke to her in her heart, you'd be right, but you'd be only partially right.

Then, when you are centered and focused on God, invite him to speak to you.