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Although Carlton and Will often exchange insultsand Will normally refers to Carlton as a disgrace, Carlton obviously cares about Will, referring to him in the 2nd-season episode 'Vying for Attention' as "the brother I've always wanted".

Additionally, Philip can be financially greedy; he pays his butler Geoffrey a salary so low that Geoffrey quits after Philip gives him a mediocre additional annual raise, and only returns when Philip apologizes for taking him for granted and agrees to increase his salary, benefits and to hire more help during formal functions.

And Gold," it is revealed that Phil is a member of the fictional fraternity Pi Nu.

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She is very musically talented as shown that she plays violin and the drums, and she can sing. Geoffrey is the first character that appears on screen in the pilot episode The Fresh Prince Project. Reagan was said to have declined party invitations until he appears at a traditional Christmas party of the Banks; ironically shown to be a friend of Hilary's.

Jackie also seems to have learned to play basketball from Will, as she mentions in the same episode that Will was the one who taught her how to do a proper jump shot.

As seen in the episodes "You Bet Your Life" and "Viva Lost Wages", Carlton also seems to have a gambling problem and loses all of his money in any situation where gambling is involved and constantly imagines the gambling tables and slot machines talking to him, but seems fully aware that he is subject to compulsive gamblingand this limits his exposure to gaming.

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Ashley appeared in episodes of the series. Jazz wears sunglasses in nearly every episode he is seen.

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Jazz was born on May 20, and is Will's ill-mannered and dim-witted best friend who lives in the inner-city community of Compton, California. Jazz divorces her shortly afterward, realizing he knows nothing about her, finding out that she cheated on him with several men and that her real name is not even Jewel it is Hortense.

He has had a long-standing crush on Hilary Banksand almost every time his advances are rejected. Starting with the second season, she is 13, she turns 14 in the middle of the third season, 15 at the end of the fourth season, she is 16 by the end of season five and 17 by the end of season six.

He is overprotective of Ashley and has trouble with her growing up into a young woman. The other, which is more common is that whenever the doorbell rings, everyone continues with what they were previously doing, or look to Geoffrey, prompting Geoffrey to say "oh, please, will you let me get it this time?

A recurring gag is about Philip's children being afraid of his punishments because, while his anger is understandable, he can be incredibly sadistic and sociopathic in his punishments.

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He makes sure that he does what is best for all his children, including Will. This spurs Will to tearfully confess the truth to the family; although Carlton did ingest speed, Will bore responsibility as he had accepted the pills from a school friend, storing them in his locker, then absentmindedly said to Carlton he had a bottle of Vitamin E in his locker.

There was a time when Vivian threw Jazz out through the back door for saying that he would bring a stripper to Will's birthday party.

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Known for his sarcasmhe is Phone dating games online voice of caustic humor on the show, often commenting on Philip's weight, his own low pay, his lack of a social or romantic life, the overall laziness of the family, or Will's goofiness.

Although he was portrayed early on as a snobby rich kid, Carlton evolved after having his view challenged when arrested for "stealing a car" and Dating cars Will is shot, Carlton is angered that the shooter will probably not face justice for harming Will.

One is that he is often compared to or confused with Benson, from the series with the same name. Philip also reveals himself to be an amazingly adept pool player in the episode "Banks Shot", showing his skill by out-hustling the pool shark who hustled Will at the pool hall.

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He held doors open for her and fanned Ashley while she tanned. The character was primarily used as a plot deviceoften adding motivation for other characters, comic relief, or an emotional punch to the show's storyline.

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Except for one episode, when Carlton professionally calls him "Nicholas", every member of the family calls him by his nickname, Nicky. He is also seen to get extremely jealous almost anytime something great happens to Will. Philip later considers making a deeper foray into politics, but decides against it when his wife disapproves.

At the end, Carlton insists that the policemen were only doing their job, not really accepting the fact that he and Will were victims of racial profiling. His favorite actor is William Shatnerwhom he annoys by making lame Star Trek references.

But this causes a continuity error because in part one of the two-part series finale, Philip's birthday is celebrated, but the finale takes place in late May. In the season four episode "Mother's Day", Jewel reveals that she and Jazz are expecting a baby though no other mention of their child is ever made after that point.

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One running joke in the show involves Carlton repeatedly being slapped in the back of the head by various characters, usually in response to comments that are ridiculously self-centered in later seasons, for example, he would often make humorous comments about gaining his father's inheritance or due to portraying ignorance of lives other than his own.

There are two running gags centered around Geoffrey. In a running gag throughout the series, Jazz usually ends up being literally thrown, or, as it was referred to the first time, drop kicked out of the house.

However, Trevor dies in a bungee jumping accident while proposing marriage in the episode "Where There's a Will, There's a Way", part of an ill-conceived live televised event that Hilary and the rest of the Banks family watch at home on the living room television.