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However, she is a sexually independent figure when she rejects Alfred tennyson essays lover who has returned.

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Furthermore, "Mariana" is unlike the Romantic poems because the character is not one with nature or able to achieve transcendence through imagination. His next book, Poemsreceived unfavorable reviews, and Tennyson ceased to publish for nearly ten years.

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But there are certainly other ways in which the poem can be read, and it is vague, and offers multitudes of possibility. He is alone in his grandeur, with the sun and the bright blue sky forming the perfect background scenery.

Romanticism focused on freedom instead of formalism, individualism instead of conformity, and imagination instead of reality. However, the narrator at the end of Dejection is able to be roused into movement whereas Mariana never reaches that point.

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In this era, a movement called Romanticism became extremely popular within the literary society. Unlifted was the clinking latch; Weeded and worn the ancient thatch Upon the lonely moated grange.

They are nicely assorted also to all the different gradations of emotion and passion which are expressed in common with the descriptions of them.

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Upon reading it my immediate impulse was that the poem was about death, and I find that last line has a great deal of impact and strikes right into the heart. It was the reaction to the previous Age of Reason among the culture.

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Gaskell's depiction is of Ruth is similar to Tennyson in her weariness and wanting to die. Tennyson lived during the Victorian Era, during the s.

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They believed humans should get in touch with their inner soul by appreciating the beauty of nature. The poem ends here, with the reader not quite sure why the eagle dived off his mountain roost.

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Both "Mariana" and "Oriana" have characters that experience a mental imprisonment, which are revealed in the poetic refrains. The first and second line show that, as he watches from his high perch, the sea moves below him.

Tennyson's Mariana and Gaskell's main character, Ruth, are sensitive to the sounds around them and are constantly looking out of their window in image that represents their imprisonment within their homes. The water is calm and there is only the growth of moss: The reference to Lycidas is minor and is more likely a generic phrase than a direct use of Milton's poem.