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And here are some of the observations I have made…. It uses the Facebook login but it verifies profiles of male users before activating their accounts.

The signup form is very detailed giving enough room to list down interests that would in a way help you to get connected to the right partner.

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The team is very focused to change the psychological process one usually takes for finding the right life partner or individuals who are looking for long term commitments. Also, an average user will always try and break your processes to get an entry into the club.

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Do check it out! It marked only 20 per cent of my profile as completed after fetching details from Facebook. He doesn't want this product to be compared even remotely to a casual dating platform or the age-old matrimonial websites that doesn't work for urban Indians.

Able with his rich experience working with startups in Dubai looks after the product and design.

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The 'Interest bars' could tell you that. What's important here is that they have used urban elements that modern India should know about the other person before connecting with them.

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At some point of time I would have wanted to experience how different it is from existing solutions we have. Wooon the other hand, asks you to complete your profile to get more accurate results. Go check them out at http: I have still not been able to enter the details into your system.

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A user signs up using Facebook and can see likeminded individuals based on Facebook likes. Plus, showing only 10 people every day is irritating. Updated 4 days later. They want to build a niche community with authentic profiles, that's the reason behind their long registration-approval process.

This startup is trying to solve a local social issue without much deviation from the traditional Indian way.

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