10 Tips For Dating A 40 Year-Old Woman | Made Man 10 Tips For Dating A 40 Year-Old Woman | Made Man

40 year old man dating a 28 year old woman, more on made man

Kirstie Alley, pictured here in New York earlier this month, has revealed she is looking for a younger man to date 'I don't find a lot of men who are creative or playful in a conversation and sound exciting to me,' she added.

Older women appreciate being treated like a lady.

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Try to win the respect of the children by treating them and their mother with respect. Do a little research about her generation. You do not have that right, yet.

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It can also be sensitivity mine field, if you're not careful. Kirstie recently filmed a new ad for Jenny Craig after maintaining her 50lb weight loss for over a year.

Don't ogle other women when you are dating a forty year old woman, especially younger women.

10 Tips For Dating A 40 Year-Old Woman

Don't reference the difference in your ages by saying things like "I wasn't born when you did that. Listen to the music, watch the hit movies and television shows and learn about the history of her times. It makes you appear nosey and insecure. Kirstie was married to her high school sweetheart Bob Alley for seven years, starting in They divorced in Old fashion romance goes a long way when dating a forty year old woman.

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Send her flowers out of the blue and surprise her with a special gift, even if its not a special occasion. Keep it fun and exciting, but leave the immaturity at home. This is extremely disrespectful and obnoxious and if your date is particularly sensitive about her age, it can be humiliating for her as well.

Don't flatter her by telling her she looks twenty. They know a line when they hear one so don't try this one, as it will fall like a hunk of lead and the silence between you after it hits the floor will be deafening.

If she's forty, chances are she's already raised or is raising children and she's not looking to raise one more.

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That took some doing. Kirstie has previously said she would have had a relationship with Hollywood hunk John Travolta in the 80s if she hadn't been married at the time, but now she is pleased to call him her best friend. When it's over, its over.