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The fourth floor awaits on thursday and I have been taking the staircase.

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They leave you constantly afraid. It will literally dissolve. You will also learn that you will be fine. While shopping for her abroad you will constantly be placing the flat of your palms against the sole of a shoe because their feet grow so fast. You have to be in theater to see them born.

Beauty is not knowing what. What bearing does mortality have on your dreams? Then one day you be will fine.

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You will be a working man, making ends meet, hamster on the rotating wheel. You will enjoy it. It will teach you discipline.

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The exclamations and questions marks would exhaust me more than the emails Sometimes he will shout through the glass-wall that separates your office from his, an overgrown wazzock, throwing his toys out of his pram. Some jobs diminish you as a human being, filling you with poison, making you feel small.

Neither will the legion of chapo lovers out there who will fight the propaganda brigade by turning a blind eye to this allegation and retain chapos as the reigning king of carbs.

They will also try to say that chapos are bad. Are you a good father? At 26 you will take up the best habit of your life; running.

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What about your art? Good news is that it will get better but it will never be the same. Adjust them and nobody will ever disappoint you.

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Another one will come at He will be a very nice and calm man who collects exotic swords from all over the world and hangs them on a wall behind his massive desk.

Then you will tell everybody about it. I know 40 looks so far and so old right now. One evening you will be called by the barman at Azalea that you need to move your car and you will step out to find him hot under the collar because you are the idiot who blocked his exit.

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One of them — the husband — will often write you deranged emails in caps.