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Now fit in your new breaker - it's big enough to span two of the tabs protruding from the rails in the back of the box one from each pole.

When he turned on the power, he ruined ever appliance he'd turned on and had to replace most of his new appliances.

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Now you need to identify the white wire as a hot conductor. We tap into this immense reservoir of zero voltage by driving a metal rod into the earth and attaching the other end of that bare copper wire to it.

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This is a good time to check that all the connections in the panel are nice and tight by re-torqueing them with the proper screwdriver s. It gets removed from spade terminal 2 and pushed into what they refer to as the 6 pocket. Amended point 3, power input connects to the pressure switch, not directly to the motor If you're not installing the receptacle in a wall, be sure to cover the back with some insulating tape to ensure that you don't accidentally short the two liver terminals.

A friend of mine wired his own house but didn't understand these principles. You have a vital step to complete before you can do that.

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The white motor winding wire gets pulled off the spade connector on connection 4 and moved over to the spade terminal 2 The V power then needs to have each hot connected to it's respective LINE terminal in the pressure switch.

I only needed to run my wires a few feet into my garage, but you may have to route a longer distance. Strip the ends a centimeter or so.

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The brown motor winding wire needs to be disconnected altogether. You do this by coloring a significant visible section of the wire with a black permanent felt marker, or use black or red electrical tape. Think of the earth as an ocean of electrons.

Taking the time to investigate your options, and learning how to do things properly and safely can be very rewarding.

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Whenever the option is available, it is best to connect a dual voltage motor to the higher voltage. The neutral is a path for the "pushed or pulled" current to return.

Poke out another one of those tabs in the side of your breaker box to make room for the new wires. With AC current, the voltage changes direction 60 times per second 60 hertz in the US and 50 hertz in Europe. Most Best arabic dating app panels are designed so this is not possible, but some one for sure is FPE, Schneider, Sta-blok will allow this to happen, and has caused much grief over the years.

Note that the bottom picture would have been a little better if you had pulled the cord up so we could see the numbers on the white plastic block.

It is about 40ft. You can add to it and draw from it and it doesn't make a bit of difference in the charge just as you could pump water into or out of the ocean all day and not change its level. These are the mains V alternating current oscillates between V positive and V negative. Before fiddling around in the box, turn off the main breaker where the mains lines come in!


You can probably figure out what yours is from a chart. In this motor, you are working with two sets of wires, the electrical cord and a pair of jumper wires that go to the motor windings.

After all, without a reference, how does the circuit "know" where zero volts is? If the compressor is supplied with a cord, you will need to change the cord end to a 15A, V cord cap, and the receptacle to match NEMA R.