How to Put a Kill Switch on a Go Kart Engine | How to Put a Kill Switch on a Go Kart Engine |

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The vehicle itself is usually made of a metal frame with 4 off-road capable wheels added to the vehicle. Permission to return any UNUSED item must be requested within 30 days from the shipping date and is subject to our approval. Step 4 - Add a Face Plate Purchase a face plate or a plastic unit that will fit neatly over the kill switch.

Saturday in some areas. If, on the other hand, you're worried about his every move- well, maybe you oughta drive. It consists of a "brain", a few hundred yards of wire, and a shock collar.

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It is a sport that is usually run on off road or dirt tracks. Wrench, Wheel, Wreck, Repeat Lay it out a fair distance from hard obstacles, he'll coast to a stop even if he tries a suicide run at a wall First, to be able to kill the engine while still sitting behind the steering wheel of your go kart.

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Taking a wrench or an impact gun, remove the flywheel. Once the fly wheel is off, the magneto is exposed.

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Can be used on many other applications such as go karts, mini bikes, ATVs, generators, water pumps and more. All standard shipping orders will be shipped within a day or two of payment receipt.

When running the wires make sure the wires are not touching any of the parts of the engine that become hot.

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If you cannot run the wires any other way, you can use heat tape to cover and protect the wires. Installing a kill switch is not a difficult job. You are now ready to test your switch before riding. It is usually used for racing other go karts on a track.

A kill switch is a switch that is added to a Go Kart as a security measure. Connect one wire from the kill switch to this metal nut on the magneto.

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